You want 1 or more Jellyfish frames but you don't have a 3D printer at your disposal? I can help! i can print 1 or more frame kits for you with my own 3D printer and an ABS based filament. Each frame kit is printed on order since i don't keep a stock. You can choose between an array of different color combinations depending on the filament colors that i have in my workshop. Currently that is white, green and red. Pictures below!

Each frame kit has 2 different battery mount sets for 1S and 2S lipo setups. 1 free Jellyfish sticker will also be included in each order that contains at least 1 frame kit.

You really want 1 or more Jellyfish stickers but you don't need a frame kit? No problem! I also offer Jellyfish stickers for sale separately! The Jellyfish logo/mascotte has been designed by Brandon Delong (Dogwood graphix) and its a real work of art. I simply love it!

Want to order? Please fill in the Google form below. After i have succesfully received payment to my paypal i will get to work and keep you updated!

I don't own a real shop nor any commercial business. By purchasing 1 or more frame kits and/or stickers, you just donate a coin to a hobbyist who really wanted to introduce a good 45mm brushless frame to the FPV community while being stubborn enough to not give up on it during almost a year of drawing, test printing, redrawing and doing it all over again. 

For each Jellyfish frame kit i ask 9 EUR (about 10 USD).

Worldwide shipping for each frame kit order, no matter how many frames, is 5.50 EUR untracked and 11 EUR tracked.

For each Jellyfish sticker i ask 3 EUR (3.3 USD).

Worldwide postage for each sticker order (without frame kit) is 1.50 EUR untracked and 7 EUR tracked, no matter how many stickers are ordered.

The Jellyfish store. Just as small as the frame itself!


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