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A jellyfish is a transparant sea creature that can be found in all oceans around the world. They exist in many forms and sizes and some of them have a very stingy personality when trying to shake hands with it.

The Jellyfish is also a 45mm micro quadcopter frame designed for micro brushless motors (603, 802, 803 etc) with 31mm propellers, Tiny whoop-style control boards and regular fpv camera/vtx units (FXT style lens). Both AIO camera/vtx units and separate camera/vtx setups are usable. The Jellyfish camera mount has a 20° angle. The Jellyfish frame is primarily designed for 1S setups, but a battery mount for 2S setups is also available to those who feel like exploring today's limits of micro-fpv power in a frame that is today's absolute limit in terms of size..

My goal with this frame design is to provide a very easy to print yet durable and flexible micro quadcopter frame that is very compact. Printing all components for the frame takes about 1 hour with a 0.4mm nozzle and 0.2mm layer height. The frame measures 70 by 70mm and is about 42mm high. The diagonal motor-motor distance is 45mm.

To allow for the best possible airflow, the propellers are mounted in a pushprop setup while keeping them a good distance away from the flight controller. (about 25mm)

The "STL files" link on top of the page takes you to the Jellyfish Thingiverse page where you can download the 3D print files!

For a complete introduction to the Jellyfish, including an extensive manual on how to print, put it together and get it airborn, a click on the "video manual" link will take you to a page with, well... a video manual!

You want 1 or more Jellyfish frame kits but you have no 3D printer? Or maybe you just want a Jellyfish sticker designed by Brandon Delong (dogwood graphix)? Click the "order" button to see how i can help you! 

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Thank you for your interest, have fun and happy flying!

Robby Roels